Emo Jokes

Q: How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Three, one to place it, & two to write a poem about how they miss the old one.
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Q: What do you say to an emo kid to make him cry outside the mall?
A: You say anything and he would start crying.
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Q: Why did the emo kid cross the road?
A: To get a box of tissues.
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Q: How can you tell it?s an emo guy hitting on you and not a regular dude?
A: Instead of asking for your phone number, he asks for your poetry blog.
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Q: Why do emo kids always take the flight that leaves at midnight?
A: They prefer to take the red-eye.
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Q: What?s the difference between emo grass and normal grass?
Q: Emo grass cuts itself.
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Q: What did one emo kid say to the other emo kid?
A: Stop crying. You?re stealing all of the negative attention.
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Q: If a blonde and an emo jump off a bridge, who will drown first?
A: The blonde - from the emo?s tears on the way down.
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Q: What's the difference between an Emo kid and a dead baby?
A: A dead baby doesn't cry.
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Edwin, an emo, goes to confession and confesses that he had an affair with a girl. Priest says that he could not be forgiven unless he tell name of the girl. The emo says that he has promised not to tell her name.
Father asks, was it Mary Patricia, the cleaner's daughter?"
Emo says "No, and I said I wouldn't tell."
"Was it Mary Elizabeth, the printer's daughter?" "No, and I still won't tell!"
"Was it Mary Francis, the accountant's daughter?"
"No," says the boy.
"Well, son," says the priest, "I have no choice but to excommunicate you for six months."
Outside the church were Edwin's friends asking him what happened. "Well," Edwin said "I got six months, but three good leads"
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