Death Poems

Death Is Not The End
The poem 'Death Is Not The End', by Sri Chinmoy, explores the concept as soul's immortality and not as the end of one's body.
Death To The Dead
The poem 'Death To The Dead', By Robert Stevenson, is a description of death, using metaphors and similes in a beautiful manner.
Death Is
'Death Is', By Rebekah Johnson, is a poem that divulges the concept of death, as seen by a 12 year-old girl.
On Death
'On Death', by Khalil Gibran, is a poem that breaks the established norm of fear of death, rather helps us uncover the secrets of death.
The Fear Of Life And Death
'The Fear Of Life And Death', by Sri Aurobindo, is a mystic poem wherein the poet has portrayed the awful experience of death.

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