Emo Poems

Buried Alive
The poem 'Buried Alive', by Emo Girl, is brings across the feelings of an emo girl, who is going through depression.
My Dearest Soulmate
The poem 'My Dearest Soulmate', by Emo Girl, is an illustration of love of a person towards her soulmate, whom death took away from her.
Razor Kissed Wrists
The poem 'Razor Kissed Wrists', by Emosuicide, is about the suicidal attempt of an emo girl, who has cut her wrist.
Somewhere In The Night
The poem 'Somewhere In The Night', By Marilyn, shows an emo's feelings towards the world, its travesties and the pain people go through.
Suicide Girl
The poem 'Suicide Girl', by Rachel Burridge, is about an emo girl who feels nauseated in her surroundings and ends up committing suicide.

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