Family Poems

Family I Love
The poem 'Family I Love', by Kristina Riggs, is a vivid description of the love of a person for his family and the reasons behind it.
Family Ties
The poem 'Family Ties', by Tranikka K. Powell, is a portrayal of the feeling of love and intimacy in a family, despite all odds.
My Equator
The poem 'My Equator', by Jackie D. Karp, is a portrayal of a lady's world that centers around her husband and family.
In the family poem 'Riches', Jeanne D. Rhein gets nostalgic about her cheerful and happy family life, full of love.
Tribute To Family
The poem 'Tribute To Family', by Michelle A. Moran, is an illustration of role and importance of various persons who comprise a family.

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