Crying By Matthew

The sad love poem ‘Crying’, written by Matthew,is a beautiful portrayal of a situation where two lovers are leaving each other and still they want to respect each other's emotions. In this poem, Mathew says that he had promised that he would never make his girl cry. However, he could not keep his promise. He appeals to his beloved not to cry and asks her to wipe her tears. These lines show that the Mathew loves his beloved so much that he would do anything to make her feel proud of him and of his love for her. First he pleads her to stay with him and not go away. When she doesn't, he asks her for a final kiss so that he can leave her happily.
I know I promised I'd never make you cry;
I know it hurts but please dry your eyes.
I will give to you whatever you need;
Hugs, a kiss, just tell me please.
To see you cry is a terrible sight;
Just let me love you and I'll hold you tight.
I'll do anything you want to make you proud;
I'll climb the highest peak and yell your name aloud.
I love you too much to see you cry;
Please sweetheart don't say goodbye.
Don't push me away I must stay near;
To gently wipe away your tears.
If we must truly say goodbye;
One more time just close your eyes.
And let us share one final kiss;
For you are the love, I will forever miss.

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