Daddy’s Little Girl By Shelly Marie

The poem 'Daddy's Little Girl', by Shelly Marie, shows the pain and sadness of a daughter, who has lost her father. She promises to her dad who, according to her, is living in heaven with Lord Jesus, that she would always be his 'little girl'. The tragic event that happened in her life, according to Shelly Marie, happens to all humans in the earth. Though the girl accepts the death of her father, her heart still mourns for him. In the concluding lines, the poem establishes the fact that departed people should be remembered for their deeds and good work, but not grieved upon. This is because they have gone to a better place, where there is no pain and only bliss.
Daddy’s Little Girl
Blonde haired, blue-eyed angel
That’s Daddy’s little girl
He quickly held her close to him
When she came into this world
With loving hands and a gentle heart
He taught her right from wrong
However, before she knew it
Her Daddy would be gone
For her Daddy was very sick
Even though it was hard to understand
Until that dreadful day in May
When God took him by the hand
Now her Daddy’s gone from Earth
And when she calls his name
He doesn’t come running to her anymore
Yet she loves him just the same
Daddy’s little girl, thankful for her Dad
Has peace in knowing, he’s in a good place
Even though she’ll miss hearing his voice
And seeing his smiling face
For Daddy’s little girl, now out on her own
Has to settle for the memories of the man
And raise his grandsons to know him
The best way that she can
How desperately she’d love to have
Her Daddy here with her
She didn’t know how dark the demons
That her Daddy carried were
Daddy’s little girl is so lost without him being near
Even though it's hard for her, she comprehends
No matter how much you love someone
One day their time here ends
I’ll always be your little girl Daddy
My love for you will never part
For you reside with Jesus now
And forever in my heart

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