Do You Still Think Of Me By Kendra

The poem 'Do You Still Think Of Me’ is written by Kendra, a 19 year old girl from USA. She is missing her ex, but is unsure of his response, i.e. whether he still loves her or not. Still, she promises that she would always love him. The poem portrays a love in which one partner has still not move on and does not know whether the other has. Kendra is soaked in the love she has for ex. She crazily says that she does not want anyone else in her life. While her love for her beloved grows, she wonders whether the same feeling is there at the other end too or not. This 'Missing You' poem raises the questions in the mind of Kendra, who is still very much in love with her ex.

Do You Still Think Of Me


As I sit here I wonder do you still think of me.

Do you think of our talks and our plans and the love that was shared?

All the times that we both showed that we cared

My love for you grows stronger everyday,

I just want to know if you feel the same way.

I was there through the good, the bad and every time in between.

I just wonder do you still think of me.

When you're in your room at night or had a hard day at school where does your mind wonder?

The relationships never last because I miss you.

I don't want anybody else and it's crazy I know.

I just wonder have u moved on?

Is there someone else and most importantly Do you still think of me?

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