Hyacinth By St. Vincent Millay

The poem 'Hyacinth', by St. Vincent Millay, is short in terms of length. In the poem, the poetess tells about her lover who does not care about her feelings and love him. Rather, what he does care about are mice and other organisms and bio-products, including the flower of Hyacinth. She is complaining about lack of love in her beloved's heart. Millay says that her beloved loves Hyacinth more than he loves her. St. Vincent Millay was an American poet. All her poems, particularly sonnets, are quite popular. She happens to be the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.
I am in love with him
To whom a hyacinth is dearer
Than I shall ever be dear.
On nights when the field-mice
Are abroad, he cannot sleep.
He hears their narrow teeth
At the bulbs of his hyacinths.
But the gnawing at my heart...
He does not hear.

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