I Thank God For You By Linda L. Chew

In the poem 'I Thank God For You', Linda L. Chew thanks the person who has always showered love, affection and care on her. She extends her sincere gratitude for his/her smile that brings her happiness, his/her love that guides her through the thick and thin of her life and his/her heart that truly knows what to do, when she is depressed. Everyone is gifted with 'someone special' in his/her lives, who truly understands the person's silence also. Such people really deserve the expression of gratitude in the most special way. The poem 'I Thank God For You' is best suited to be dedicated to someone for being there when you need him/her the most. Check out the beautiful 'thank you poem'.
I Thank God For You
Because you bring such joy to me,
And a love that is so deep.
A smile that brings me happiness,
And a love I want to keep.
I thank God for You!
Because when I'm down and almost out,
Your love guides me through.
And if I get too depressed,
It seems you know just what to do.
I thank God for You!
Because my problems sometimes overwhelm me,
Your gentle touch and warm embrace
Give me the strength to carry on,
When I see the sunshine in your face
I thank God for You!
Because you mean all the world to me,
And we share a special bond.
To love each other every day
And never let each other down.
I thank God for you!

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