O Lord By Joanna Fuchs

The poem 'O Lord', by Joanna Fuchs, is a tribute to God who has been so great and helpful in granting love and showering affection on the poet. Fuchs says that she was in total disorder, but it was God who blessed her peace and order. Whenever she was in trouble, she asked God for help and He was always there for her. The poem is typical of accepting God's blessings in whatever form they might come. The total passivity and assimilation with God and his deeds are acceptable norms of Christian poems and the same is seen here as well.

O Lord 

When the world comes crashing in

And chaos rules my mind,

I turn my heart to you, Lord,

And pure, sweet peace I find.


You lift me out of trouble

You comfort me in pain;

You nourish, heal and cleanse me,

Like cool, refreshing rain.


In times of joy and bliss,

When things are going right,

You lift me even higher,

And fill me with delight.


You listen to my prayers;

You hear my every plea;

I’m safe because I know

You’re always there for me.

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