O Never Say I Was False Of Heart By William Shakespeare

‘O Never Say I Was False Of Heart’, anexcellent poem written by William Shakespeare, is a beautiful exposition of love and trust. In this poem, Shakespeare asserts his undying loyalty to his beloved, after a period of separation. He says that howsoever his standard may have lowered down, he is still genuine. Shakespeare says that he would cleanse his guilt with his tears. He has not been able to keep himself away from his beloved. He says that both of them share a single soul and nothing can separate them from each other. His beloved's beauty is universal and she is incomparable. This particular sonnet from Shakespeare is one of his best writings.
O Never Say I Was False Of Heart
O never say that I was false of heart,
Though absence seem'd my flame to qualify!
As easy might I from myself depart,
As from my soul, which in thy breast doth lie:
That is my home of love; if I have ranged,
Like him that travels I return again,
Just to the time, not with the time exchanged,
So that myself bring water for my stain.
Never believe, though in my nature reign'd
All frailties that besiege all kinds of blood,
That it could so prepost'rously be stain'd,
To leave for nothing all thy sum of good:
For nothing this wide Universe I call,
Save thou, my Rose; in it thou art my all.

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