Ribbons, Bows & Frilly Lace By Dawn

The baby shower poem 'Ribbons, Bows & Frilly Lace' describes the eagerness of a family to see the unborn child. The poet Dawn says that the whole family of expecting mother is waiting for the arrival of the baby, which is sure to make the entire atmosphere happy and jolly. New born baby makes things beautiful not only for his mother, but for his other family members as well. The arrival of an offspring also strengthens the love amongst the members of a family. The preparation to celebrate birth of the baby starts in advance, in the form of baby showers, and parents, well-wishers as well as relatives start awaiting the day they will be able to lay their eyes on the little one.
Ribbons, Bows & Frilly Lace
Ribbons, bows & frilly lace
We’re all waiting to see your pretty face.
From the first time she cries
To the first time she laughs
Both will be as big as giraffes.
A special love for you, hugs & a kiss
I’m sure will bring nothing but pure bliss.
A special girl so sweet & true
She is bound to turn out just like you

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