Suicide Girl By Rachel Burridge

Emo people are highly susceptible and unpredictable in terms of their behavior. They are sensitive towards their surrounding and people and anything that is unwarranted ends up hurting them. In the poem 'Suicide Girl', the poet Rachel Burridge tells us about a girl who is hurt by the people around her. She feels everyone she interacts with is rude to her and she feels situation as nauseating. She wants to get rid of this life. She wants to desert this world and, in the end, commits suicide. Ultimately, she realizes that she is among angels and there is eternal happiness and no hurting dialogues to torment her anymore. Read on to explore this emo poem completely.

Suicide Girl

They told me school was the best days of our lives

But too me it was like getting hit by a thousand sharp knives

I don't understand why people shout things so unkind

Then I need a week to recover and unwind

But then one day everything went down hill

I got butterflies in my stomach I saw the dream I had to fulfill

But this dream had no happy ending

I wrote my mum the text message and started sending

Within this text message were a few harsh things

But it finished by saying i was now an angel up above id finally grown wings

As I sat in the woods my heart started too race

And the salty tears started to stream down my face

I tied the rope round my neck so thick and tight

Jumped off the tree with all my might

As I dangled in the air all pale and weak

My mum was ringing the police for any help she could seek

When the search party found me i was now breathless and cold

They rang up my parents the devastating news was then told

My mum hit the floor whilst crying out her heart

She looked at my foot from earlier my bitten jam tart

She frowned in despair as I was no longer there

But under that frown a small smile appeared

She new I was now in a better place but why I did it was the reason she most feared!

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