Funeral Poems

Funeral poem 'Death', by John Donne, is denial of death and its superiority. The poet considers death to be nothing more than an eternal nap.
Don't Cry When I Am Gone
Funeral Poem 'Don't Cry When I Am Gone', by Lawyerjourno, is a pre-script of the poet's death and his wishes.
His Epitaph
Funeral poem 'His Epitaph', by Robert Louis Stevenson, is highly symbolic and dense in meaning as well as philosophy.
Miss Me, But Let Me Go
The funeral poem 'Miss Me, But Let Me Go', by Edgar Albert Guest, shows the death-sorrow and futility of everything that happens after death.
The Funeral
'The Funeral', a poem by Sean Joyce, is a vivid description of the whole ritual of funeral and thoughts during and after the rites.

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