Funny Poems

For You
The funny poem 'For You', by Nina Melito, shows an incident where a boy wrote a love poem and got embarrassed in front of the whole class.
Ode To Me
In the funny poem 'Ode To Me', Gordon Costello talks about his own greatness and writes an ode for that.
Of Course I Love You
The funny poem 'Of Course I Love You', by Janine Haig, is a vivid description of the life of a couple, their love and amusing habits.
The Answer
In funny poem 'The Answer', Randy Thomas tells us about the solution he has found to avoid the harsh realities - staying in bed.
Waitin' By Coffee Man
The funny poem 'Waitin' by Coffee Man, by Joe, comes across a satire on the food outlets and their dilly-dallying.

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