Halloween Poems

Halloween Magic
The poem 'Halloween Magic', by Barbara M Hales, is the tale of a scary ghost who gave Halloween Night, a bald-headed witch.
Haunted House
The poem 'Haunted House', by Jack Prelutsky, is a portrayal of Halloween, wherein people try to scare other people.
It's Halloween
The poem 'It's Halloween', by Jack Prelutsky, is an illustration of the celebration of Halloween, which is scaring and haunting.
Spooky Halloween Night
The poem 'Spooky Halloween Night', by Atacia, elucidates the celebration of Halloween by kids, who have dressed like ghosts and witches.
The Scariest Thing
The poem 'The Scariest Thing', by Mairi Gallagher, is a funny poem that describes a scary person, who wishes everyone 'Happy Halloween'.

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