Life Poems

Life Comes And Goes
The poem 'Life Comes And Goes', by Kejsi Lami, illustrates the transient character of life and its unchallenged movement.
Look To This Day
The poem 'Look To This Day', by Kalidasa, stresses on living a life the way it comes and the moment it comes. The poet asks us to live in the present.
My Way
The poem 'My Way', by Paul Anka, tells us if we want to be content in our life, we should live it the way we want.
New Life
The poem 'New Life', by Paul Bodet, is all about a person's aspirations for a life where there are no sorrows or sadness.
Three Passions
The poem 'Three Passions', by Bertrand Russell, tells us about the existence of life and turmoil and passion needed to go through it.

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