Mom Poems

Child And Mother
The mom poem 'Child And Mother', by Eugene Field, is an illustration of the love and care shown by a son, towards his mother.
Mother O' Mine
In the poem 'Mother O' Mine', Rudyard Kipling is immortalizing the love of a mother, towards her children. Read on to explore this mom poem.
Mother's Love
'Mother's Love', by Michael Adesanya, is a portrayal of an angel like mother and her great aura. Learn more about this poignant mom poem.
Super Mom
In the mom poem 'Super Mom', Joanna Fuchs expresses how much her mother means to her and how lucky she is to have her in her life.
The Song Of The Old Mother
The mom poem 'The Song Of The Old Mother', by WB Yeats, is a description of a mother's routine engagement in household work.

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