Sad Poems

The sad poem 'Alone', by Stefani Baucom, is a portrayal of the broken heart of a person who is disappointed, dejected, and hurt.
Silence, Emptiness And Confusion
The poem 'Silence, Emptiness, and Confusion', by Bek, is a lucid description of a sad girl and the empty and hollow feeling in her heart.
Silent Tears
The sad poem 'Silent Tears', by Heather Loughton, illustrates implosive emotions inside a heart, coming in the form of invisible, silent tears.
The Ring
The sad poem 'The Ring', by Kristie, portrays the emotions of a girl who knows that her beloved would not comeback in her life.
You'll Never Know
The sad poem 'You'll Never Know' by Sonja is a sad description of the love of a girl which was never understood by her guy.

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