Cool SMS

Friends are like fishes
You have to sit patiently for a long time
To catch a nice one
Just like I caught you
Better stay nice or I’ll fry you.
A new sun, A new day
A new SMS asking you to
Forget all your Worries
Sorrows & Tears
For someone (me)
Who wants to see

You happy always
Memories play a confusing role.
They make u laugh when u
remember the time u cried together.
But make u cry when u
remember the time u laughed together
Look at the sky & see gods glory.
Look at the moon & see gods wonder.
Look at the mirror & see gods Blunder…
Just kidding! Hope I made you smile.
Have a nice day!
I'm getting married next month.
There would be a small party and
Only a few people will be invited.
Don't bring any gift.
Just bring someone to - Marry Me!
Last night God gave me 2 choices
Either to have a good friend like you
Or to have excellent memory
I don’t remember what I chose…
A candle may melt
And its fire may die,
But the love you have given me
Will always stay as a flame in my heart.
Sweet fruits r nice to eat
Sweet words r nice to say
But sweet people r really hard to find
My goodness,
How the hell did
You manage to find me!
We always feel bad
& think that good things
happen only to others
But we forget that we
are others for someone else too.
4 Blessed ways of living:
Look back & Thank God.
Look forward & Trust God
Look around & Serve God.

Look within & Find God..!!
My eyes r full of uncontrollable tears
Bcoz you are far away from me.
I wish you were near me today
To cut these onions instead of me.
True friends r like diamonds
They r real & rare.
False friends r like leaves
They r scattered everywhere.
I was lucky to have found the diamond in you.
A doctor can save my life
A lawyer can defend my life
A soldier can give me a peaceful life
But only a friend like u can give me
Your wife! Ha ha ha!!
Relationship is like a garden
It's beautiful when watered with
Love, hug, tears & cheers.
But it dries up if left untouched…
So keep in touch always!
Troubles as light as air
Love as deep as ocean
Friends as solid as diamond
Success as bright as gold
These are my wishes for you.
If u drop me I’ll break
If u hold me I’ll shake
If u need me I’ll hurry,
If u don’t call me I’ll worry
If u hurt me I’ll cry
If u leave me I’ll die.
Remember me and bear in mind
A faithful friend is hard to find
This is always good and true
So don’t go changing old for new!

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