Friendship SMS

How long shall we be friends?
Do you want a clue?
As long as stars twinkle in the sky,
Till the water runs dry and
Till the day I die.
Treat life as sea
Your heart as sea-shore
And friends as waves
It never matters how many waves r there,
What matter is which one touches the shore…
Keep me as a friend and
I will keep you in my heart and lock it up.
I'll throw away the key
So that no one can take you away from me.
I am not like a clock
That can sms you 24hrs a day
But my heart is like a clock
That nonstop cares, loves and prays
For a special friend… like you
Sign of a True Friend...
He always sees the pain
Behind your eyes at that time,
When everyone says
"Man! You smile a lot ..."
If all my friends were to jump off a bridge,
I wouldn't jump with them;
I'd be at the bottom to catch them.
Good Friends are hard to find,
Harder to leave,
And impossible to forget!
You are one of them!
Longest love is Mother's love,
Shortest love is Other's love,
Sweetest love is Lover's love,
But strongest love is Friend's love.
Like u and me.
Your validity of being my friend is going to be expired today,
Please recharge your friendship immediately
By sending sweet & cool sms. Hurry Up!
Colours may fade
The sun may not shine
The moon may not be bright
Heartbeats may stop
Lives may pass but our friendship
I’ll treasure till the day my heart stops.
People say friends are made in heaven & they come in ur life,
But I made u my friend in this world & made my life a Heaven...
Thank you for touching my life in ways you may never know.
My riches do not lie in material wealth
But in having friends like you - a precious gift from God!
My Friendship is just like a rubber band,
It is too flexible; stretch it as much as u can,
But if you leave it, it'll hurt u a lot,
Really a lot!
What is a friend?
He looks out for you,
Inspires you,
Laughs with you,
Cries with you,
Understands you,
Guides you and walks with you.
That’s what a friend is.
The test of Friendship
Doesn’t comes when u r together.
It comes when u part ways &
U realize that despite the distance,
The Friendship is still there…
Friendship is not about finding similarities
It’s about respecting differences
U r not my friend coz u r like me
But because I accept u and respect u the way u r
To hear what is unspoken,
To see what is invisible,
To feel without even touching…
Is the miracle called “friendship”
Friendship is a silent gift of nature…
More old... more strong...
More deep… more clear…
More close… more warm…
Less words… more understanding…
One candle is enough to cut darkness.
One good guide is enough for success.
One true friend is enough to make life happy.
Never dump old friends.
They are hard to replace.
Friendship is like wine:
It gets better as it grows older.
Just like us… I get better, u get older.

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